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Travel Vaccinations

Vaccines On-site
We generally stock the vaccines required for most overseas countries. There’s no need to run around chasing down your vaccines.

Knowledgeable Doctors
Our Doctors are well equipped to advise you on the latest specific immunisation requirements for different regions around the globe.

Yellow Fever Accredited
We are a yellow fever accredited clinic. This is an extra accreditation that not all medical practices have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a travel consultation?
Standard medical consult fees apply

Can I claim any of the travel vaccine costs through my private health insurance?
If you have the appropriate level of cover you may be able to claim a rebate through your private health insurance. It is best that you check with your health insurance company. We can provide the necessary paperwork to make your claim.

How much are the vaccinations going to cost me?
General travel vaccinations vary in price from $35 – $320 each

What vaccines do I need?
Your doctor will advise what vaccinations are required during your consultation. Some consultation about your general medical history may also be necessary if we are not your regular GP.

How long before my trip do I need to get vaccinated?
It is generally recommended to receive your vaccinations 6 weeks before you leave Australia. Vaccinations generally don’t work instantly. However, depending on your circumstances it is never too late to vaccinate than never.

How long do vaccinations last?
Most vaccinations last between a year and a lifetime but this varies between each. Here is a general outline:

  • Cholera (oral) 2 years
  • Diptheria 10 years
  • Flu vaccine (Fluvax) 1 year
  • Hepatitis A (Vaqta / Havrix/Twinrix) 10 years > longer
  • Hepatitis B (HBVax II/Engerix B/Twinrix) Lifetime
  • Japanese B Encephalitis 3 years
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella Lifetime
  • Meningitis (Menomune/Mencevax) 2-3 years
  • Pneumonia (Pneumovax) 5 years > life
  • Polio Lifetime
  • Rabies (pre exposure) Probably lifetime
  • Typhoid (injection) 3 years
  • Yellow Fever Lifetime

Get your vaccinations with us. Have a safe trip.

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